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released March 2, 2017



all rights reserved
Track Name: Derek (Estrogen Man)
Derek built a trailer
it was gonna be his home
but he changed his mind and decided to keep living on his boat

Derek looked at that trailer
he thought it looked like a cafe
he closed his eyes and he saw it
flying through outer space
he did a lot of work
spending money and getting permits
dealing with the health department
who said, "Derek, there's no way this is ever gonna be a cafe."

But Derek was undaunted
he used the trailer for cafe storage instead
he built a stand and a couple of sinks and got it all approved
Dan told me about this
so I called up Derek
I asked if I could work for him I said "I'm tired of this salad restaurant."
We became fast friends
we both like movies and Indian food
one day we were talking about how we weren't macho men
Derek looked at me he said

I'm an estrogen man and I'm down to get sad
I fall in love and I get attached

One day I got to work
and to my dismay
some desperate soul had broken into the trailer and robbed our cafe
I broke the news to Derek
and his response was both touching and funny
he said, "don't worry about it friend, it's only money."
That's what I love about Derek
it's probably also why
we weren't a successful business
cause neither of us cared about
what successful businesses care about

Despite his priorities
Derek still got stressed
sometimes he'd show up at the cafe and say, "Andy, why are we such a mess?!"
So we went camping
to blow off steam
we had plans to cook on the fire but we bought a pizza instead
we talked about a lot of things
had a real heart to heart
it's hard being gentle and warm
when you've been taught to be stoic and cold
but Derek wasn't having any of that he said

I'm an estrogen man...
Track Name: Dalton
Dalton came from a small town in Illinois
He had raccoons for pets when he was a boy
He like those classic heavy metal bands and he had three Iron Maiden tattoos
He skipped town after he got out on parole
Thought he'd look for something better in San Francisco
Starting working in a salad restaurant downtown
That was my first job out of college
He wasn't a bad man
But he was full anger and hurt
He had a kinda special charm
When wasn't being a jerk

Dalton liked drinkin beer and getting tattoos
One night his friend challenged him get the first thing that comes to you
He didn't have to think about it
He got scumfuck written down his shin
The next morning he was full of remorse
He said it's like I get taken over by some unholy force
My mom told me I was a devil child and he's chased me all my life
He wasn't evil
But he told some misogynistic jokes
He smoked like a chimney
Cigarettes and dope

I knew Dalton loved music and so did I
It was one of the few things we would talk about from time to time
I told him I'd been getting into metal
He said welcome to the dark side Andy

No one wanted to hear details from his sex life that he'd share
Sometimes his stories were disturbing but I think he just wanted someone to care
The fantasies of his ex girlfriend had left him a little confused

He wasn't heartless
But he could be a real dick
He left on such a sour note
We weren't sorry to see him go

Dalton met a woman and they fell in love
They ran away together to go find America
We only found out that he'd gone from a message he sent to Rosa
Rosa could be difficult and
stubborn as a mule
But she didn't deserve what she had coming despite her attitude
Dalton said you're a bitch and I hate you
Go back to El Salvador
Dalton broke our hearts
And he lost our sympathy
We knew he was troubled
But we wanted to believe
That he was better than this
But that was years ago
Maybe he's found some peace
Out there on the open road